3D Project First Impressions

After careful consideration, I decided on joining the 3D ‘Ready Made’ casts and transformations project, as I had never done casting before, nor did I have any prior knowledge of the process.

Plus of all the three projects, this one had a particular focus on material testing, and therefore the understanding of materials and their properties will hopefully be useful to me in future projects.

Also, I have always had a particular interest in sculpture, but never had I considered casts or moulds as possible methods of producing such works. (However I could clearly understand and respect its uses and advantages in product design and suchlike manufactured objects.)

But with this said, it has been a real struggle to realise final ideas or proposals for pieces involving these ‘Ready Made’ objects. I find myself at this stage after serious testing and experimenting, somewhat lost and confused as to where I am heading with it all.

Getting my head around the method has been a task in itself. So I will be taking a step back and asking my peers and tutor what the next point of call should be.




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