3D Project Review

After meeting with Helen for our individual tutorial, I feel a lot clearer now with what direction my project will be taking.

Beforehand we talked as a class about our work, and after attempting to explain my ideas I found that what I was trying to say was actually helping me confirm what choices I should be making towards my project.

I realised that my focus was moving towards the choice of the materials being used. I was trying to comment on how the tradition of sculpture was restrictive towards the artists exploration of materials. The great classic sculptures were predominantly stone, marble or bronze, and were expected to be polished and magnificent looking. I believe sculpture was used as a way of boasting and glorifying the subject, and to use a material or subject contrary to this was unheard of.

9749There was even a neoclassical revival in the 19th Century. Artists like Antonio Canova (1757-1822) worshiped the traditions of ancient Greece and their heroic sculptures.

The Genius of Death by Antonio Canova

Therefore I had this idea after researching the ‘Ready Made’ and modern sculptors like Tim Shaw, that we should be deliberately making sculpture that is contrary to the ingrained traditions of the classical era.

I believe that when somebody says sculpture, the first thing they would think of would be works the likes of the greats like Michelangelo or even Auguste Rodin. But nobody would have a sculptor like Tim Shaw come to mind and thus this is why I believe the materials used in sculpture are so significant to their impact and meaning.dsc_0196

For example, Tim Shaw’s ‘Casting A Dark Democracy’ (2008), is made up of a steel frame, barbed wire, black Polythene, and electrical cable.

A seemingly stark contrast to the shape, colours and environment that it has been set in.

I have yet to decide or realise what the subject will be for my project, I have made a abstract and textured clay face, from which I have the vinamould for. Once I have decided on the material to use, I then believe that the rest of the piece will come naturally.



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