Material Tests


I enjoyed the outcome of the wax casts from the vinamould. I had used wax beforehand: melting down paraffin wax into a huge block to then cut away from with a soldering iron in order to reveal the piece. However this vinamould cast was a lot more successful.

The cast was cleaner, more efficient to make and solid. I also really like the subtle glow that is given off by the object. But it’s texture is too smooth for my purpose. I need it to be grimy and full of texture, where as the wax naturally smooths out to a polished finish.

Cold Latex

It’s application was easy and it’s time to dry was very quick at around only 5 minutes depending on the amount used. The results were surprisingly effective, and the latex itself is extremely strong. However I was not certain that it was the most appropriate material for making a sculpture that I was intending to create.


Easy to use, great for texture and solid. I used the clay to make my initial vinamould and would probably use it for the final piece.

Plaster of Paris

This was the most pleasing of all to come out of the vinamould. Responsive and clear, you can see every detail made in the original object whilst also being able to appreciate the cold delicacy of the plaster.




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