3D Transformations Project Review

Ultimately I did not feel that I was successful in this project, and it’s process and labour was arduous and unfortunately unfulfilling.

I believe that it was to no fault but that of my own that left me so dissatisfied and unhappy with my outcome. It was very difficult for me to grasp an area of expertise that I had never looked at before.

The discovery of the process and the unknown materials were all factors that drew me to this workshop. However for multiple reasons we were not able to fully explore all of the materials we could have, and so accordingly I felt limited to simplistic ideas that I could have achieved without the casting process.

Although the vinamold creation was indeed fascinating and very successful, and every cast made from it was as perfect as the original clay face I sculpted for the original mould. Nevertheless it still left me feeling cold about the whole process, as I could only see as far as the advantages for its use in manufacturing, than to possible uses in fine art practice.

My final piece was not possible to create in the two weeks we had, and so I have come up with a proposal for the intended piece instead: (insert image)

Despite what I evidently disliked about the practical aspects of this workshop, I did in fact find the research incredibly interesting and useful. I understood the ‘Ready Made’ and it’s practice amongst artists like Duchamp and Oppenheimer and went on to learn of certain heavy metal casting processes along with the casting materials advantages and disadvantages etcetera. In conjunction to this, I found an avenue into looking at sculpture and casting – particularly in terms of plaster casts and what sculpture meant during the renaissance and neoclassical periods, as well as it’s journey to modern day practice and how its prominence has evolved and changed for better or for worse.

Hence, to conclude, I am in fact happy for taking on this workshop despite all of the drawbacks I experienced. You cannot learn without making mistakes, and I feel glad to have done this in my first project, to force myself into this creative mindset where I am constantly searching for the answers and constantly testing for the most successful outcome.





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