Project Review and Group Feedback

Positive comments on the documentary photography?

  • “Really like the see-through paper and size of the photos. The information on the back works really well.”
  • “Great vintage vibe. Love the pastel colours.”
  • “Captures the area perfectly.”

Advice and guidance for improving the work (if the student were to have time to re-shoot?

  • “The light changes from light to gloomy – could be worked into more. Intentional?”
  • Quite grey, but I think that may be the point.”

Comments on the choice and appropriateness of the framing or format presented.

  • “Layout really good. Composition balanced! Great how you named each photo! Very classy.”
  • Really professional and interesting.”

Actions to be taken…

I believe I will utilise the strengths of the format and layout, by enhancing the book with a quality hardback cover and bind it professionally.

I will also reconsider the light into dark order of the images, I still believe that it should start with light images, however there may be opportunity to edit the dark ones into a more appropriate gradation into the darkest final images.


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