Thursday Life Drawing

This was the first life drawing I had done since 2015 and it was certainly evident that I had lost a lot of skill since the last time I had practiced.

But with time I gradually grew confident, especially due to the loose charcoal sketches. I felt particularly engaged with my application and the ability to capture the figure in the short minute poses.

There is something so fulfilling and valuable to me about life drawing. I find the interaction with the class, the model and the tutor invaluable. I will definitely be aiming to  hone my drafting skills, learning about the different mediums – there advantages and disadvantages and hopefully coming out with pleasing results.




(Poses in order: 1 minute charcoal, 3 lots of 3 minute continuous line poses over on top of one another (charcoal, oil pastel, and pencil), and a 25 minute charcoal study.)


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