Abstract Expressionism at the RA 15/10/16

‘Abstract Expressionism strove to give abstract forms to some big themes… the perennial co-ordinates of the human condition’ (David Anfam, RA Magazine – Experience Abstract Expressionism – Autumn 2016)

I really enjoyed this exhibition, it was the first time I had experienced this kind of painting. Before I was that person who would disregard abstract work because ‘anyone could do it’, but after seeing these works in person, and being able to see them up close I gained a new appreciation for their own physical being.

I almost took to viewing the works as if they were sculptural pieces. This was due to no real knowledge of the artists processes, their language or intentions. But I was drawn to them by instinct and emotion.


Franz Kline’s ‘Requiem’ could stir up the deepest of emotions, the immense volume of black in contrast to the white on the surface plane nauseates and grabs you with such loud intensity, that it accesses your quiet and private fears.


I found inspiration and wide variety in methods of application etcetera. This exhibition will prove invaluable to my Towards Abstraction project.



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