Beyond Caravaggio at the National Gallery 26/10/16

Nicolas Régnier’s Saint Sebastian tended by the Holy Irene and her Servant (1626-30)


Beyond Caravaggio was extremely interesting in terms of exploring a painter and a movement that had and still does have such an influence in mainstream culture today.

The use of chiaroscuro and the use of a single light source was famed by Caravaggio and his followers. They were extremely dynamic and confident: the paintings could feel both inviting and invading at the same time. Their daunting life-size scale made the viewing feel like you were intruding into something private, something real and you were there in the same moment experiencing it all.

I particularly liked Georges de la Tour, Nicolas Regnier, Jusepe de Ribera and Guido Reni. All of whom embodied the Caravaggio style, the cropped compositions and the ‘hollywood’ lighting.

I found this exhibition very inspiring and even small details such as the light and dark, or the bold uses of red, really seemed to interest me and made me question my own decisions in my approach towards painting.


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