Light and Time Fine Art Project Initial Research…

Firstly I began by researching light based artists, and consequentially Karen Stuke first took my interest due to her varied use of the camera obscura effect. Her photographs engage with light as more than just a medium but also as the subject of her works. I’d like to exercise these ideas and try these techniques in order to create the same calm and wistful themes.


Chavannes – Karen Stuke

I also liked Idris Khan’s work. His clever use of multiple negatives overlaid upon each other in order to create something new fascinated me. This idea of binding existing artworks in order to create new ones made me think about the physical possibilities and experiments I can be doing with negatives.


Homage to Bernd Becher – Bromide print – 30 x 34 – 2007

Tacita Dean also could feed into my desire to explore the physical properties and possibilities with film and photographs. Her film direction notations superimposed onto the image also link the two mediums nicely and perhaps lend to a kind of work in progress idea.


Ship of Death – The Russian Ending – 2001 – Photo-etching on paper

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