Towards Abstraction Project Evaluation

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this project. The hands on approach of developing and researching through paint studies and material tests was very much my way of practice. I prefer this organic process of discovering what works and what does not. I was able to find my preferred way of application, what quality of the paint I liked, the colours that excited me and what was most successful in completion.

However during this exploratory part of the project I was continually lost for what i was trying to achieve. It did seem at times a dead end and frustrating exercise, however despite it’s tribulations I am thankful for it pushed me to areas where I was uncomfortable and unknowledgeable.

Breaking my own disciplines and distancing myself from figurative studies was really valuable. It taught me that I didn’t need to settle for any rules of application, you really could go at it with whatever menace or control you liked.

This made the process a more valuable experience than the actual outcome of the piece. I often found myself lost with the physical application of the paints and using music at times to fuel and pace my dance with the brush.

But this in itself became problematic for without previous skill for this area I was unsure for when to stop, or when to keep going. To find a finishing point was extremely challenging but I think I did make the judgements based on instinct for when to cease painting.

In the end I made a series of three paintings that pieced together one whole composition on clay tiles. They made up an image that held elements of older studies, the egg yolk held centre stage whilst the swirling glass details that refracted the colours and caused complex reflections surround the bold yellow of the yolk.

Without any context or personal attachment to this painting it did seem rather counteractive that i wasn’t achieving something that I saw to be worthy. However the process, and experience in creating it was valuable and enjoyable, and I believe that ultimately that is what is most significant.



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