Project Review 7/10/16

After discussing my initial ideas and showing what work I had, I was now clearer on what direction to take my project in.

Over the weekend I had experimented with some filming and photography, recording a sink and a glass being filled with red food dye. I was looking to make the obvious connotations of blood and violence, but also to explore the beauty of the red and how powerful it is as a colour.

What I edited together for Monday was a very short clip. A slow zoom into a red pool in my sink.

The advice I received from Myfanwy and the group indicated that I should continue with my red symbolism and look to explore films such as The Shining and Psycho. Myfanwy suggested that I could appropriate films and incorporate them into my video.

So I then looked to the artists who stood out to me from my research, and for me Scorsese’s final scene in Taxi Driver was what was missing from this edit to make it so haunting and give it narrative.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 22.26.42.png



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