Artists Statement – Time and Light Films


The film explores Travis Bickle’s final descent and ultimate death. There is an emotive soundtrack that acts symbiotically to the visual imagery. The music chosen has been slowed down and altered to sound hurt and wistful. While Travis stumbles along after he is shot, the film then shows the devastation he had caused. The use of red here then becomes significant as the glowing emblem of the blood, the danger and the anger. It comes as a contrast to the last shining light that fades in and out just as Travis takes his last breath.


The film begins with a bloody sink symbolic of our tragic hero Travis Bickle. Though it is not fully explored in this short, there is opportunity to infer that he is indeed flawed but remains hopeful due to the structure of the soundtrack. The music begins subtle, an almost quiet hum that then begins to grow and manifest. We then see glimpses of our hero’s end, imitating a gun to his head, he tells us that he is ready to die, smiling and pulling the trigger. Then a cascade of red imagery floods in and erupts the calm, crashing in from all corners we become certain of his end is nigh. Cut to black. Travis Bickle’s dream is fulfilled, and we just catch a couple final glimpses as if to remind us that he is home.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 12.33.54.png

(screenshot from Bickle’s Dying Dream)


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