Evaluative Statement

I will choose Fine Art. I really enjoy wet and physical media. I love to transform the messy into something beautiful, or deform what was beautiful into something grotesque.

I particularly enjoyed the messy projects such as the abstract painting and 3D casting, as we were pushed to refine concepts through material development and research. I was initially figurative, but I found breaking my own boundaries extremely rewarding and that the process of painting, the physical dance, was as much of a valuable experience as the final outcome.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the most recent film and photography project, as I was able to utilise my skills and realise concepts that felt more personal and therefore significant to me.

I have always been interested in painters such as Francisco De Goya, Jenny Saville, Peter Paul Reubens, and more recently abstract expressionists such as Willem De Kooning.

In terms of film, directors such as Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan and the relationship between their films and their soundtracks have continued to obsess me.

To research for a project I usually begin by finding artists and pictures on pinterest collating a board full of visual inspiration. Then I would further investigate particular artists and their techniques in order to provide knowledge surrounding the project.

For critical studies and the fine art lectures I have used the library for reading and further reading. I went to the library in order to find out more about Wassily Kandinsky’s colour theory, however I did not require to use the library for the majority of the projects.

Starting a reflective blog has really helped me to clarify and articulate my ideas and thought processes. It has been a really refreshing way in order to group together research and technical notes.

So far my personal journal has been used in conjunction to my sketchbook. I include quotes, artists, initial ideas, plans and almost all things associated with a diary.

My process of working through a project begins with the research. Similar to what I said earlier, but also research through practical material development. Next I would begin and work through the main idea itself. I strongly believe in the organic development and too much planning would take away this natural progression that I enjoy so much. Finally its presentation depends on the project, but more than likely it will be considered in terms of its place in a gallery and therefore how it would connect with its environment, or the practicality of its placing and so on.

In the 3D ‘Ready Made’ casting project I experimented with the vinamould process. I had not considered its use before and this was the first time I looked at 3D work in this respect. This will then help infer my own knowledge surrounding 3D and sculpture that I could use ‘Ready Made’ methods as well as more traditional ones.

My time management has been fine. Although I have not had enough time to complete the main piece for each project, I have been able to move on and come back to them during the proceeding projects.

For part two my new personal targets will look to push my practice further and focus on areas that I am not comfortable with. I believe that I am most wary of a projects beginning and how to push the initial ideas forward.

Therefore I want to maintain a daily active practice that will force me to live and breathe whatever that particular project may be. It will help me to overcome the doubt I can feel when pursuing a vague idea, and help me to then strengthen it by being surrounded by it all of the time. This will also hopefully lend variety and original thinking by being with me wherever I go. In order to achieve all this I will simply make a daily attempt to enter something into a sketchbook, and have it with me at all times. (Alongside this I will also make the effort to have my camera by me as well.)

I wish to progress onto a Fine Art degree after Foundation. I believe since starting I have become more aware of my own practice, I have begun to realise what I truly enjoy and what I find important. I believe this honesty to myself will help fuel my desire to create and build confidence in my ideas.

Ultimately I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course thus far. Given our own space to work has been invaluable to me. Never before have I had such freedom to stretch my arms and push my own ideas. I love to work big and being given the option has made me very excited for future projects. I am itching to try new techniques and processes and the fact we have the workshops to our disposal makes me extremely grateful.

I strongly believe in my creativity, now I have the desire to create my own work I will strive to make it count.


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