Fine Art Time and Light Project Evaluation

I believe that this was my strongest project so far as I had so much background knowledge in film and animation. Even though we only had two weeks for this project, I believe that I was able to show some of my most advanced work and skill in film.

I really enjoyed the photogram workshop, and the opportunity that could come from developing photographic paper. However I found from my artist research that I would end up pursuing film as my preferred medium rather than photography due to my love of film.

After some research, I noticed the common theme of red was coming through in all of the artists I had researched – Caravaggio, Goya, Scorsese, Nicholas Winding Refn etc. Therefore I tried to make this the main point of focus for my project.

I looked at articles on Scorsese’s ‘gratuitous’ violence, or even the use of violence in film and whether it is appropriate or should be censored. I found after reading that there is suitable moments in film where violence should be used, and can be used like an opera to heighten the story’s drama etc.

Consequently I filmed a couple scenes where I made a clear connection with the colour red and it’s environment – a bloody pool in a sink. I did also try to film a bloody bath, and a glass and it’s reaction to the red dye being dropped into it. However none of these were as strong and visceral as the sink scene. I believe it owed a lot to the nature of the overhead tungsten light that helped create such a sinister tone.

This tone then drove the rest of the short film, and what shots I would therefore capture.

After our Monday review the feedback I gathered helped me to decide on how I should continue my film, and how to find it narrative. After suggestions such as Psycho and The Shining, I would then find Taxi Driver to be the most powerful and influential.

After discussions about appropriation of film and other artist work, I decided I would myself use Taxi Driver’s final end scene as part of my film. By integrating parts of this scene with my own work helped me to find a structure/ a beginning/middle/end which made all the other editing elements fall into place.

The choice of music/ sound was also a large part of the video. It provided the foundation and rhythm to the piece. Yung Lean’s – Don’t Go was perfect for the mood I wanted, it even added to the tragedy of the piece and gave more emotion to the visuals. It seemed to come naturally as a decision to be included, and furthermore it helped to make the editing more organic and lyrical.

In the end it came alive out of the editing, and I owe that to the loose framework that I deliberately provided. It seemed to grow and manifest as an idea and concept as I worked more into it. The process became half of the performance, and therefore what made it so successful and enjoyable to produce.


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