Walter Richard Sickert

On my third day of visiting the Ashmolean I found the ‘Western Art’ paintings upstairs on the highest floor. It came as a relief after days of classical studies and time spent mulling over artefacts that I had little interest for.

When I walked into the first room I felt a sense of calm, the colour of the paintings felt warm and welcoming. It was Walter Richard Sickert who first caught my attention and remained my favourite out of all the paintings.

His application, clumsy but confident and carrying a certain charisma felt all too right. I enjoyed every single one of his paintings, there lighting and colour continued to draw me in every where I looked.

Of all I especially enjoyed Ennui, its quality and domestic scene depicted gave me a sense of nostalgia despite having no previous understanding of the artist nor the movement. Perhaps it was this sense of nostalgia that I found so relieving and so consuming, for I held onto it so tightly thereafter.


Ennui – 1917/18


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