Initial Research For Essay

I have decided that I will base my essay upon the artist Hieronymus Bosch. I have yet to work out what exactly I will investigate, but for the moment I have become absolutely fascinated with his fantastical imagery and legacy with the Spanish royal family.

I have taken out ‘Bosch : The 5th Centenary Exhibition By Pilar Silva Maroto’ from the library as a first call of research.

“This book, published for the exhibition staged by the Museo Del Prado to mark the 500th anniversary of Bosch’s death, is the work of a select group of experts. … the Prado collection discuss the findings of recent technical research carried out specifically for this exhibition, which has shed new light on these works.

It enlightens and presents an up to date biography of Bosch, including all the surviving documents dating from his lifetime. I will find this book with good stead as a primary source.


  • The Garden of Earthly Delights 1480-90


The second primary source of research is the book ‘Hieronymus Bosch : The Complete Works By Stefan Fischer’.

This too will help flesh out the meaning of Bosch’s incredible imagination and wild content.


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