‘The term “symbolism” is derived from the word “symbol” which derives from the Latin symbolum, a symbol of faith, and symbolus, a sign of recognition, in turn from classical Greek συμβόλον symbolon, an object cut in half constituting a sign of recognition when the carriers were able to reassemble the two halves. In ancient Greece, the symbolon was a shard of pottery which was inscribed and then broken into two pieces which were given to the ambassadors from two allied city states as a record of the alliance.’ (

The act of splitting and reassembling a Greek symbolon, supports the idea of using mosaic in my painting. It will support the fact that I am creating an artwork that is being directly influenced by the Symbolist movement, especially artists like Gustav Klimt and the techniques utilised by Edvard Munch.

Amongst the Symbolist figures in the visual arts, I would also like to surround my creative process with other key Symbolist musicians and poets. Of those I have already come across  Claude Debussy, and in terms of poetry Christiana Rossetti and Edgar Allen Poe have always been a constant inspiration in my life.

I believe for the current state of todays affairs we deserve to have a Romantic vision of our future, we should accept and welcome all, and I believe that Symbolism can promote this.


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