Dragons Den Evaluation/Feedback

The meeting helped to unpick and hone in on the most important parts of my idea that I wanted to explore.

In general, the consensus was to refine my idea (my subject), which would then help in turn to inform the rest of my choices – such as materials/process/research…

Jordan also said to look to doing a series rather than a single mural/painting. He also suggested that I should look to make ceramic pieces, and a publication/zine to go with it.

Rosie helped to suggest where to look in order to contextualise my work, such as researching victorian family painting to inform this idea of family values.

They both were also very supportive of this idea that I was trying to blend between ceramics and painting, this concept of applied arts and fine arts feeding into one another. There is a lot of conversation of late of where the boundaries between these genres are being challenged and what is successful/not.

Myfanwy said that I should look towards researching various refugee centres for information. Or to also look to how I can involve people/ the public in a similar way that Anthony Gormley achieved his ‘Field’ artwork.

Ultimately, I have decided to focus on Refugees to be the subject of my artworks. I also now know that I will have a range of different artworks, such as the series of paintings, ceramic objects, and a publication that will probably be a zine of sorts.




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