How family values can help address the current refugee crisis…

I believe that protest art can be hugely influential on the world.  We need to seek this in 2017 – to discover, reveal and call upon our consciousness to wake up and act.

Now though I am not experienced in protest, and neither am I saying that I am the person to call for a revolution, I do however, now more than ever, realise what power I can have as an artist. I am incredibly privileged in my freedom to communicate whatever I want, and it is therefore through art that we can be honest, we can be crude, beautiful and magnificent… so it is our duty to create.

Moreover, I have found that the media, religion and education are inherently pessimistic and warning about our future. Thus I would like to build a Romantic vision of our future, to create a series of utopian pictures that ebb hope and warmth by reminding us of our family, and family values. I want to make a series of works, that like a warm hug from your mother, can comfort and accept you. I want to use this concept of positive family values to address and tackle our approach towards the refugee crisis.

If we can remove our own prejudices and hostility, to become more accepting and welcoming as if they were our own family, then I believe we will be moving in the right direction towards making better choices to help the refugees.


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