Henry Moore – Pure Forms

Especially after finding a new interest in contemporary ceramics and the the Cycladic sculptures that I researched over my exhibition project – I have again found that my drawings have continued to hold the pure and simple forms similar to those of Henry Moore.


Henry Moore – Studies for Sculpture – 1932


Sketchbook Development – Watercolour, and Pastels

I love the strength and purity of Moore’s forms. I especially love the concept of the abstract figure – it makes his compositions and his arrangement of the figure entirely free of restraint.

It’s this freedom and purity that I seek to explore in my Final Major Project. It could suggest this spiritual ideal, and a Romantic one at that. I need not to look further in achieving a detailed depiction of the figure, or to build a dramatic scene, as all of the emotions and complexity can be found in the beautiful shapes and contours of the form.

I like to think of Moore’s oeuvre as idyllic. His forms arguably remain as mysterious and powerful as ancient ruins found in the countryside. Thus, I believe this legacy Moore constructed throughout his lifetime is much owed to the nature of his pure forms, comparable to the Cycladic figures and similar ancient totems. Perhaps his sculptures are symbols of an old pagan religion… a religion that we know nothing about and yet want to admire and worship all the more because of it. Furthermore it is these factors and impressions that make Moore’s work so successful to me, and I shall attempt to search for in my own works presence and significance.


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