Pitt Rivers Pottery Research/Reflection

The Ashmolean collection did not have every kind of ware from the world, yet the Pitt Rivers does have a good collection of African and South American pots.

On the whole, these were made for mainly practical purposes, not decorative. So most of the African pots were unfired nor painted.

African pots are mainly made by women. In West Africa it is believed that artistic activity may affect a womans fertility.

Pots from Arizona and Algeria pots shared the similar style of being coated with resin and glaze.

Pottery forms can be Shenomorphic – designed to copy the form of a similar artefact in another material.

Nasca pottery was famous for its multi-coloured painted decorations.

Monica jars were often modelled into the shape of animal or human figures.

The latter elements of South American pottery have really motivated me to create some more ceramic pieces, that might reference these kinds of forms whilst also constructing the figure in a similar light to Henry Moore’s sculptures.


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