Tutorial With Myfanwy

I will continue to use scrap wood to paint onto – I will use things such as wooden palettes, fruit crates, cardboard? … and I will assemble them together like a wooden raft.

Simon Starling – Shedboatshed 2005


“Realised specifically for the exhibition Cuttings, Shedboatshed (Mobile Architecture No.2) is a reinterpretation of the idea of mobile architecture. The project involves the movement of a found structure, an old wooden shed, from one riverside location to another. This journey of 8 km downstream from Schweizerhalle to the centre of Basel was undertaken through the temporary mutation of the shed into a boat. This boat, a copy of a tradition Weidling, was made only with wood from the shed and was subsequently used as a transport system for the remaining parts of the structure. The shed already included an oar of the type used on Weidlings nailed to its facade as decoration. In its new location, the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, the boat was then dismantled and once again re-
configured into its original form, but for a few scars left over from its life as a boat, it stands just as it once did several kilometres up-stream.” (https://www.themoderninstitute.com/artists/simon-starling/works/shedboatshed-mobile-architecture-no-2-2005/88/)

For this week I will continue with all of my ideas:

  • Ceramic vessels – patterns and fusion of statistics, objects (cultural)
  • Painting – Figurative, depicting refugees

I will further investigate the architecture of my final display, and how I might be able to further suggest the feelings surrounding the refugee crisis.

Myfanwy also recommended Steph Goodger’s “Les Non-Réclamés (The Unclaimed) Diptych” 2014-15


She suggested that, in a similar light to how Goodger has achieved this image, I can continue to paint in a Romantic way but I can try to depict the horrific refugee images from news articles.

So I will continue to work into my sketchbook for this week.



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