Installing my work…

Myfanwy and my colleagues from my space helped to decide the best order for the paintings. As when in person, and once their position was decided, it became clear that I needed to readdress their order. We decided on using the paintings that had a natural edge to them to be at either far side, as a kind of finishing point. The one placed in the middle was the image taken from a birds eye view thet had a central focus. Then the others fitted in depending on their colours and how they contrasted and matched.

I had to screw my battons into the wall so that my paintings could hang on them. I found most to be an easy install, however when trying to measure up the paintings against each other it was at times a real test of trial and error. As each painting had its batton piece screwed into it’s back, and because of their construction – each painting was individual to the other and consequently made it very difficult to get correct.

But with the help of Callum and others I was able to lay them out on the wall, equally spaced apart and at the right viewing hight.




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